PMG Becomes First Third Party to Grade 2.5 Million Certified Banknotes

20 Jan 2018  Sat

Paper Money Guaranty is happy to declare that it has become the first third party grading service to certify 2.5 million Certified Banknotes.

Within no time, PMG rose to the position of world’s third largest party paper money grading service due to its accuracy, consistency and integrity. Every note that PMG certifies is encapsulated in a transparent, high-quality holder, and is backed by the comprehensive PMG Guarantee, which guarantees that the note is genuine and not over-graded.

PMG has invested millions of dollars to gain profits and expand its services globally, and accelerate the company’s growth. A testament to the speed of PMG’s growth: It took 10 years to reach one million notes graded, and less than three more years to reach 2.5 million notes graded.

Since 2015, PMG has been focusing on China, where it has offered grading services. Last year marked a major expansion of these services. As a result, more than half of all notes certified by PMG are now Chinese notes. PMG’s operations in mainland China are managed through its Shanghai-based affiliate: NGC Shanghai Business Information Consulting Co. Ltd.

PMG’s expert graders have certified many significant notes over the years, including the historic Serial Number 1 1861 $10 Demand Note from Philadelphia, which was graded PMG 30 Very Fine EPQ, and an extremely rare People’s Republic of China 1951 10,000 Yuan, Pick 858Aa, which was graded PMG 50 About Uncirculated.

Over the years, rarities certified by PMG have achieved some phenomenal prices. In 2014, a US Series 1891 $1,000 Silver Certificate, graded PMG 25 Very Fine, sold in a private sale for $2.6 million. Just this month, a US 1882 $1,000 Gold Certificate, Fr#1218e, graded PMG 30 Very Fine, realized $600,000 at an auction in Florida.

PMG maintains offices in Sarasota, Florida; Shanghai and Hong Kong, China; and Munich, Germany, as well as a global network of Official Submission Centers.

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