Billon Tanka of Sikandar Shah

19 Jan 2018  Fri

The Tughlaq dynasty was a Muslim dynasty of Turkic origin which ruled over the Delhi Sultanate. Its reign started in 1320 in Delhi when Ghazi Malik assumed the throne under the title Ghiyath-al-Din Tughlaq. The dynasty’s rule ended in 1414 AD.

Sultan Ala-Ud-Din Sikandar Shah was the son of Muhammad Shah Tughlaq. He ascended the imperial throne in 1393 AD but he ruled only for one month sixteen days. Only billon and copper coins are known of this ephemeral ruler.

This above shown billon Tanka which weighs around 8.98g was minted in the reign of Sikandar Shah. The obverse of the coin is inscribed with Arabic legend ‘Sikandar Shah Muhammad Shah Sultani’ and the reverse of the coin is read as ‘Al Khalifa Abu Abd Allah Khulidat Khilafatuhu’. This coin was sold for INR 27,000 by Classical Numismatic Gallery.

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