New French Stamps to Celebrate 50th Anniversary of Fashion House Sonia Rykiel

17 Jan 2018  Wed

Like every year since 2000, France is going to take help from famous designers to develop designs for its heart-shaped Love stamps for Valentine’s Day. The first stamp of the series was designed by Yves Saint Laurent in 2000. The latest one was released on 12th January by a fashion house founded in 1968 by Sonia Rykiel. The stamps will also celebrate the 50th anniversary of this fashion house, with the year “1968” printed below.

Sonia Rykiel’s designs are popular for red, black and white stripes. The designer also used a lot of symbolic hearts in his designs. The current artistic director of Sonia Rykiel, Julie de Libran used similar stripes and heart images for the stamp design.

The €1.60 issue has black-and-white stripes on the stamp and red and black stripes around it. Image of Lips with the text “S’aimer” (love) is featured at the centre. The 80¢ stamp has red silhouettes of a couple kissing on a white background. The text “baiser” (kiss) also appears on the stamp.

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