Rare $1,000 Gold Certificate Auctioned for $600,000

17 Jan 2018  Wed

On 5th January, Heritage currency auction sold a Friedberg 1218e Series 1882 $1,000 gold certificate for $600,000 at the Florida United Numismatists convention in Tampa. Graded Very Fine 30 by PMG, the note was an unrecorded example until now.

After this offering, five examples surfaced, out of which two were available for collectors. The remaining two examples are with Federal Reserve Banks of Chicago and San Francisco. Nobody knows anything about the fifth example.

The 1882 $1,000 gold certificates featured eight combinations of signatures. The offered note has signatures of William S. Rosecrans and Enos H. Nebeker. They were in office together from April 1891 to May 1893. 8,000 notes were issued in total for all signature combinations. This particular combination of signatures makes up 4.3 percent of the total notes printed.

The F-1218f note, with the J.W. Lyons–Ellis H. Roberts signature combination is the most common of all, with 11 known examples. Three of the signature combinations, F-1218a, F-1218b, and F-1218c, are a part of government collections. There are four known examples of F-1218d and F-1218g notes each.

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