2017 Silver $25 Coin Celebrates the 50th Anniversary of Sealand

09 Jan 2018  Tue

Sealand is a small manmade fort which is six miles away from the eastern coast of Britain. A Proof $25 commemorative coin has been issued to celebrate the fort’s 50th anniversary of becoming a sovereign principality.

Sealand was proclaimed to be a sovereign principality on 2nd September 1967 by its owner Roy Bates who was a major in the British army. He had hoisted the new Sealand flag with his family and friends on the Roughs Tower, a 10,000-square-foot World War II radar platform.

The new silver coin is minted by the Tower Mint for the Treasury of the Principality of Sealand. The reverse depicts an imagery of the flag hoisting event, inspired by an original photograph of the same.

The obverse has portraits of Prince Roy Bates, Princess Joan Bates (Roy’s wife), and Prince Michael Bates. Prince Michael is Sealand’s only “ruler” and this is the first coin issued to include his effigy. The obverse design also includes Sealand’s official motto E MARE LIBERTAS which translates to “from the sea, freedom”.

The 28 grams Proof .925 fine silver coin has a mintage limit of 300 pieces and can be purchased for $74.99. The coin is packaged in a gold-coloured leatherette case featuring Sealand’s commemorative dates and crest imprints. Each coin is numbered from 001 to 300 on their reeded edge. The coin also comes with a numbered certificate of authenticity.

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