Error Notes Discovered in Philippines

02 Jan 2018  Tue

A 100-Philippine peso error banknote without the portrait of former president Manuel Roxas was withdrawn by a woman from an ATM. Two words from the country's official name were also missing. The Central Bank claimed that it was a mechanical cause which led to these errors. The problem has been identified and resolved as well.

The picture of the error notes went viral on social media. Millions of banknotes are produced daily and machine errors cause rare misprints sometimes. The bank has asked people to return these error notes if they find them. Officials claim that 33 such error notes have been discovered. The number is only 0.00009 percent of the total banknotes in circulation.

A batch of 100-peso error notes was mistakenly put into circulation in 2005 as well. The name of then-president Gloria Arroyo's was misspelled on that occasion. Similarly, error notes were released in 2010, featuring a rare native bird but in the wrong colours and with an incorrect map.

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