Jaora Princely State

30 Dec 2017  Sat

Jaora State was part of Malwa Agency. The state was given a 13-gun salute during the time of British India. The state was divided into four tehsils: Jaora, Barauda, Barkhera and Tal. The principal growing crops were millets, cotton, maize and opium.

Jaora state was founded by Abdul Ghafur Muhammad Khan in the year 1808 CE. He was a Muslim Afghan of Pashtun and Rohilla descent. Joara is located in Malwa region, between Ratlam and Mandsaur.

This copper Two Paisa was issued by Muhammad Ismail in 1893 CE. The obverse of this coin depicts ‘Flag’ and value of coin ‘Do Paisa’ (written in Persian) with Hijri date 1310 within the double circle. Devanagari legend “Sarkar Jaora” and Vikram Samvat date 1950 in the margin. The reverse of the coin depicts mint name 'Jaora' within double circle and Legend ‘H.H. THE NAWAB OF JAORA’ with AD date 1893.