Samatata Coins

21 Dec 2017  Thu

Samatata (c.450 CE to c.800 CE) was an ancient Indian region in South Eastern Bengal. Their evidence is known from the inscriptions and coins.

The Samatata Kingdom is known for their artistic gold coins. The type 2 series of Samatata coins (Bose & Nair) are the imitations of the Gupta coins. The featured gold coin is one of the specimens, the obverse depicts the standing king left, holding the arrow in right hand and bow in left, Garuda standing on left, blundered legend around copying from the style appears on the right side of the king’s head, could be a part of inscription as well. Beneath the left arm two letters ‘Ja Ya’ are seen. The reverse has a goddess standing right holding an object like three wavy lines, a diamond-shaped symbol on the right of the deity’s face and Brahmi legend ‘Vira Jadanarah’. It weighs around 6.57 grams.

This gold masterpiece was sold for INR 1,50,000 at Classical Numismatic Gallery.

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