Dholpur Silver Rupee

21 Dec 2017  Thu

Dholpur or Dhaulpur was a Princely State situated in the easternmost state of Rajputana Province during the British Raj. It was found in the year 1806 CE by a Jat ruler. After 1818, the state was placed under the authority of British India’s Rajputana Agency. The state was ruled by the Ranas until the independence of India in 1947. It is now located in the present state of Rajasthan.

Dholpur had derived its name from the name of a Rajput Raja Dholun Deo Tonwar. The family belongs to the Deswali clan of Jats and traces its origin to Jet Singh who acquired lands south of Alwar in the eleventh century.

In around 16th century AD the state was also ruled by the Mughal Empire. It was included in the Agra provinces by Emperor Akbar. After the decline of Mughal Empire, it fell into the hands of Sindhia. In 1803 CE the territory was captured by British and in the year 1805 CE, it was returned to the Ranas of Gohad, Bamraolia Jats, from whom it had earlier been wrested by Sindhia.

This silver rupee was issued from the Gohad mint. On the obverse side of the coin name and title of Shah Alam II is seen with the mint mark inverted pistol or a handgun with the date AH 1189. On the reverse is inscribed with regnal year 17 and mint name.

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