Bullion Sovereign Coins for 2018 by Royal Mint

19 Dec 2017  Tue

The Royal Mint launched its 2018 Bullion Sovereign coins – The Sovereign and The Half-Sovereign. It’s a 22-carat gold flagship coin which is known worldwide for its accuracy, integrity, and strength. The coinage has been trusted through times of change.

The coin features Benedetto Pistrucci’s depiction of St. George and the dragon. It was first struck for the Sovereigns of George III in 1817 and the imagery continued for 200 years. The coin denotes wealth and power with links to Britain’s past. It is called as the Chief Coin of The World and is trusted by bullion investors. Investors can also make use of Royal Mint’s secure on-site storage facility that was established in 2012.

The Sovereign is guaranteed by the 1971 Coinage Act and separately verified every year at the Trial of the Pyx. It’s made of 916.7 gold and is CGT exempt in the UK and VAT free in the UK and European community. It is packaged in tubes of 25 coins, or separately in coin capsules.

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