Baroda 1/3 Mohur of Sayaji Rao III

13 Dec 2017  Wed

Baroda was a Princely State located in the present day Gujarat. The ruling class descended from Maratha Soldier, Damaji. He had received the title of ‘Shamsher Bahadur’ or ‘Distinguished Swordsman’ in the year CE 1721. Hence, due to this reason, most of the coin issued by Baroda comes with the image of Scimitar. The Baroda state was ruled by Gaekwad dynasty of Maratha Confederacy form the year 1721 till 1949 when it acceded to the newly formed Union of India.

Baroda also was known as Vadodara has derived its name from a Sanskrit word ‘Vata Udara’. The meaning of the word ‘Vata Udara’ is in the heart of ‘Banayan’ (Vata) tree. It also has another name like Virakshetra or Virawati (Land of warriors).

This gold 1/3 Mohur was issued by Sayaji Rao III in the Vikram Savant year 1952. On the obverse bust of Sayaji Rao III facing right with a divided legend in Devnagari script ‘Sri Sayaji Rao Ma Gaikwad’ is seen. On the reverse name of the state, denomination, a scimitar and Vikram Savant date 1952 is seen.

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