Holiday Coin Show by Union Club

11 Dec 2017  Mon

The annual Holiday Coin Show held at the Union Club, 3030 39th Ave was attended by almost 200 people this week. Rare and unusual currency was offered at the event which attracted collectors from far and wide.

Highlights include the half-priced deals on the 1970s half dollar featuring President John F. Kennedy and no-longer-minted $1,000 bill depicting President Grover Cleveland which was sold for twice its face value. More than the coins, collectors and other visitors were interested in learning the history behind them.

Due to the increasing number of online buying and selling websites, there has been a reduction in attendance at shows. Some states don’t charge sales tax while Wisconsin does which hurts Wisconsin coin dealers. They resort to other means of buying and selling. Serious collectors, on the other hand, want to see and feel coins before purchasing them.

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