Coins of Muhammad Adil Shah

07 Dec 2017  Thu

Suri Dynasty was founded by the powerful medieval Pashtun conqueror Sher Shah whose real name was Farid Khan. Muhammad Adil Shah was the fourth ruler of the Suri dynasty.

The accession of Muhammad Adil soon led to the division of the Suri realms. In due course, Muhammad lost both Delhi and Agra, and made his headquarters further east, probably at Chunar or Qanauj. Therefore his coins show fewer mint places than those of his Suri predecessors.

This silver rupee of Muhammad Adil Shah weighs around 11.35g and was minted at Jaunpur in 964 AH. The obverse of the coin is inscribed with Persian legend Shahada- ‘La Ialaha Illa Allahu Muhammaur Rasulullah’ in rectangular border, name of Khalifa-e-Rashidoons and their titles around and the reverse of the coin reads as ‘Sultan Muhammad Adil Khallada Allah Mulkahuwa Sultanahu Ala Amrahu’ in rectangular border, ‘Sri Mahamadasahi’ in Nagari legend, other titles around and mint name in bottom margin.

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