Interesting Coins Offered by Numismatik Lanz

29 Nov 2017  Wed

Numismatik Lanz will organise its 165th Auction on 8th December 2017. Almost 500 lots with interesting ancient coins, world coins, and medals will be offered. Electrum staters from Cyzicus, beautiful bronze from early Imperial times and rare pilgrimage medals are some of the highlights.

An Extremely fine West Noricum (Celts) Tetradrachm of Kroisbach type, late 2nd cent, is offered with an estimated price of 1,500 euros and a starting bid of 900 euros. The fully centered coin has an artistic depiction of the Celtic conception of man. An extremely rare Athens (Attica) Tetradrachm from 510-500/490 is offered with an estimated value of 10,000 euros and a starting bid of 6,000 euros.

Greek coins with great historical value will be offered at low estimate values. A Well-centered Archaic tetradrachm struck on a broad planchet between 510 and 500/490 is one of the fine examples offered.

An Extremely Fine Asander Gold stater coin issued by King of Bosporus between 43 and 16 BC, year 6 (= 42/1) has an estimated value of 5,000 euros and a starting bid of 3,000 euros. Asander was the son-in-law of Pharnaces II. He took help of the Romans to capture Bosporus and kill Pharnaces to became the king. His portrait is similar to the gold staters of Mithradates VI. Asander probably placed himself in Mithradates VI’s tradition as his wife was Mithradates’ granddaughter.

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