Philatelic Tribute to 25th Anniversary of Russia-Armenia Diplomatic Relations

23 Nov 2017  Thu

25th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Armenia and Russia was celebrated with the release of a souvenir sheet with two stamps. The sheet was canceled and released by “HayPost” CJSC at the National Gallery of Armenia on 21st November.

One of the stamps features the coat of arms of the Republic of Armenia while the other one features the coat of arms of the Russian Federation. Both of them have a nominal value of 280 AMD.

The souvenir sheet features the RA Ministry of Foreign Affairs building and the RF Ministry of Foreign Affairs building. The colour-theme for the souvenir sheets is based on the flags of Armenia and Russia.

20,000 pieces of the souvenir sheet with two stamps were printed in “Cartor” printing house in France. The cancellation was done by important ministers from both countries.