NZ Mint Releases Coloured Coin Featuring William the Conqueror

23 Nov 2017  Thu

NZ Mint released “William the Conqueror at the Battle of Hastings” coin in its “Battles That Changed History” collection. It is the fourth coin in the collection that celebrates important battles that were path-breaking in the pages of history. The battle was fought on 14th October 1066. It was the beginning of the Norman conquest of England led by the Duke of Normandy, William.

1oz 999 fine Silver Coin features a coloured image of William the Conqueror. The antique, engraved background depicts infantry and cavalry. The coloured coin is engraved with antique-finish and is packaged in an antique-looking timber box containing a numbered Certificate of Authenticity. The box features an illustration of the battle on an antiqued paper texture. The mintage limit for the coin is only 5,000 pieces. The 2018 coin has a face value of $2 and a diameter of 40mm. It is issued as a legal tended for Niue

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