Coins of Jalal Al Din Islam Shah

21 Nov 2017  Tue

Islam Shah Suri was the second emperor of the Suri dynasty in mid 16th century CE. He was the second son of Sher Shah Shuri. After Sher Shah Suri’s death, an emergency meeting of nobles was held and they chose Jalal Khan to be the successor instead of his elder brother Adil Khan due to his great military ability. On 26th May 1545, Jalal Khan was crowned and he took the title "Islam Shah".

Islam Shah’s coinage follows the same pattern as his predecessor’s silver rupee and copper paisa. He minted coins in all three principal metals used for circulation.

This silver rupee of Islam Shah which weighs around 11.26g was minted at Fathabad in AH 952. The obverse side of this coin depicts an inscription ‘Shahada’ in the circular border while names of Khalifah-e-Rashidoon and legend ‘Al-Sultan Al-Adil’ around the circular border. The reverse side of this coin depicts the legend ‘Islam Shah ibn Sher Shah Sultan Khallada Allah Mulkahuwa Sultanahu’ followed by the continuous inscription of the mint name, a Nagari legend ‘Sri Islamashahi’ with other titles and date around the circular border.

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