Stamp Issued by the Indian Princely State of Duttia in 1896, to be Auctioned

14 Nov 2017  Tue

A public auction is going to be held by David Feldman International Auctioneers in Geneva, Switzerland from 5th to 9th December. Highlights include a Countess Caroline envelope mailed almost 135 years ago from China to Germany.

Other major collections offered include the Erkki Toivakka Finland Grand Prix collection, 600 lots of Tibetan stamps from the Larsson and Olsson collections, a French Levant Grand Prix collection with stamps from France and colonies, a 117-lot Rarities of the World sale with stamps from Europe, 278 lots of Mauritius, collections of Mafia Island which was earlier a part of German East Africa, stamps issued by Indian Princely States from the Dan Walker collection etc.

The catalogue for the Dan Walker collection of stamps from Indian princely states also has details the stamp history and location of each of these Indian feudatory states in both the Scott and Stanley Gibbons catalogs.

The above-shown stamp is a one-fourth Anna back on an orange stamp without control marking from the Indian Princely States of Duttia, issued in 1896. It depicts an outline picture of Lord Ganesha and the text “Pav Anna” in Devnagari, meaning one-fourth anna.

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