Police Tries to Find Owner of Old and Rare Foreign Banknotes worth Millions

13 Nov 2017  Mon

Rare and old foreign banknotes from Germany, Africa, and South America were discovered by Detectives who were investigating a burglary case in south London. The owner of this amazing collection is still unknown and it was found in Lewisham.

The collection contained a German 50,000,000 Mark note dated January 1, 1924, issued during hyperinflation. It also contains interesting currencies from Bermuda, Mozambique, Mexico, Somalia, Ethiopia, and Turkey.

Other notes like a Colombian note dated August 1974, a Mexican note for one Peso Oro, a Mozambique note from 1961, a Hungarian note from 1946 and 2003 and a Greek note from 1944, were also a part of the collection.

Two 10 million Mark notes from August 1923 were also discovered. By 1924, 100 trillion mark notes were the highest denomination in circulation worth £5 pounds sterling. It was a time when Germany faced economic turmoil which, in a way, led to the rise of Hitler. The collection also had a 1926 5 Rentenmark note, issued to replace the Mark, which was highly devalued during hyperinflation.

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