Pobjoy Mint Celebrates 70th Wedding Anniversary of the Royal Couple

11 Nov 2017  Sat

The 70th wedding anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip was celebrated with the release of special commemorative coins by the Pobjoy Mint for The British Virgin Islands. The $10 Flowers of Love coin is available in a tricolor version featuring different flowers. Silver, gold, and platinum represent their major wedding anniversaries after they got married in 1947.

The outer circle is in silver and represents their 25th anniversary. It features irises to represent 'promise', 'faith', and 'wisdom'. Wedded love, fidelity, and affection are represented through Ivy. Myrtle, a flower from Queen Elizabeth II’s wedding bouquet is also featured. The 50th wedding anniversary is represented by the inner gold-plated circle. It features roses, sweet pea, and honeysuckle. The latter two represent the birth months of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, respectively. The platinum-plated inner circle represents the 70th anniversary, featuring an orchid which symbolizes love and long life.

An exclusive Pobjoy Mint dual effigy — Queen Elizabeth II with Prince Philip is featured at the centre of the obverse. Sweetpea and honeysuckle are depicted on the gold-plated centre ring of the obverse

. The .999 silver coin has a mintage limit of 1,947, a number which is also the year of their marriage. Each coin costs $79. An Uncirculated copper-nickel version, at face value $1, is also available for $16.95.

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