New Banknote Celebrates 50th Anniversary of Sultan of Brunei’s Accession to the Throne

07 Nov 2017  Tue

On 9th October, Brunei issued a polymer $50 bank note celebrating the 50th anniversary of the 71-year-old Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah’s accession to the throne. The sultan is Brunei’s prime minister and is also one of the richest men in the world, with a net worth at about $20 billion.

The yellow coloured note symbolises Brunei royalty. Security features include an optically variable ink on the obverse. The ink changes its colour from green to gold upon tilting the note. The note also has a large see-through window depicting a portrait of the sultan.

The notes are available in different packaging options. 4,000 notes with "HB50" prefix are offered in a leatherette box each. 3,000 two-piece sets of a $50 note and a $25 note are offered in a folder and cost $160 each. 55,000 single notes in a folder cost $55 each. Three-, eight-, and 40-subject uncut sheets were also available.

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