Beautiful 1915 Bronze Panama-Pacific Expo Medal Sold for an Affordable Cost

04 Nov 2017  Sat

The art of the medal-making was very popular in the first quarter of the 20th century. Many medals were produced for artistic reasons and others were popular award medals during the international expositions. A 1915 Panama-Pacific Bronze Commemorative Medal, graded About Uncirculated was sold at $376 by Stacks and Bowers Auction at Baltimore in March 2017.

5 commemorative coins were struck at the San Francisco Mint for the 1915 Panama-Pacific International Exhibition, out of which the $50 gold coins were the most popular. The offered bronze medal was given to American sculptor Alexander Stirling Calder. His name is incorrectly inscribed as A. Sterling Calder on the reverse. Calder was the chief of the sculpture program and his sculpture Star Maiden was on spotlight at the exposition. His father was also a sculptor, and his son is renowned his kinetic mobiles.

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