New $50 Banknote from Eastern Caribbean to Feature Former Governor Sir K Dwight Venner

31 Oct 2017  Tue

A Picture of late Sir K Dwight Venner will be featured on new $50 banknote by The Eastern Caribbean Central Bank.

Sir K Dwight Venner was the former Governor of the ECCB. He also served the ECCB member countries and the wider Caribbean dedicatedly for 26 long years. The ECCB has asked the country’s authorised printer, De La Rue to come up with design concepts for a new $50 note. The new notes would also have standard security features like those present on existing banknotes.

The $50 banknote is the second highest denomination of the country, making this a fitting commemoration for Sir Dwight. The process of final design approvals, production and circulation will take some time. The Central Bank would notify people as soon as the new notes are ready for circulation.

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