Filipino Veterans of World War II Congressional Gold Medal Revealed

26 Oct 2017  Thu

On 25th October, the Filipino Veterans of World War II congressional gold medal at the Emancipation Hall, Capitol Visitor Centre. Several important dignitaries were present at the bipartisan, bicameral ceremony. The medals honour Filipino Veterans of World War II who fought and laid down their lives just like other members of the United States Armed Forces.

The obverse features three Filipino fighters. One of them hangs a rifle over his shoulder and a hand grenade hangs from the pocket of his shirt. Another soldier is wearing a helmet and carrying a rifle. A guerilla fighter wearing a straw hat is holding a bolo knife. A soldier on the beach is kneeling on his knee, holding a rifle and bayonet. The ocean inlet and island vegetation can be seen in the background.

The reverse features American and Philippines flags on staffs holding a scroll featuring the dates 1941, 1945 and 1946. Other inscriptions include ACT OF CONGRESS 2016, UNITED STATES ARMY FORCES IN THE FAR EAST, DUTY TO / COUNTRY / BATAAN 7 / CORREGIDOR / LUZON / LEYTE / SOUTHERN PHILIPPINES.

After the presentation, the gold medal will be sent to the Smithsonian Institution for display and research. Bronze versions will be struck by the U.S. Mint and sold to the public.