New South Korean Stamps Celebrate Nature of the DMZ

24 Oct 2017  Tue

South Korea issued its second set of stamps celebrating nature found in the DMZ. The first two 300-won stamps were released on 22nd November 2016 and depicted birds. One of the stamp features a Japanese tit walking on a barbed wire with a “mine” sign hanging from it. The other stamp features a group of black-faced spoonbills. The selvage over the se-tenant sheet depicts a barbed wire in green with a single leaf. Other inscriptions in Korean and English state that it is the first issue of the Nature in DMZ series.

A se-tenant pair of 330w stamps was issued on 5th June this year. One stamp depicts a kingfisher sitting on a barbed wire. The other stamp depicts a helmet and a squirrel. The selected photographs were winning entries of the beautiful nature of the DMZ photo contest sponsored by the Ministry of Environment. The purpose of the contest was to highlight the natural beauty of the DMZ and to remind people about the importance of peaceful national unification.

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