New Zealand Releases "Grow Your Own Stamps" Embedded with Real Seeds

23 Oct 2017  Mon

New Zealand Post released two versions of its Grow Your Own stamps on 4th October. One comes with embedded seeds while the other is seedless. Six hexagonal stamps feature herbs and vegetables. Two $1 stamps depict basil and carrots. A $2.20 stamp depicts parsley, a $2.30 stamp features chives, a $2.70 stamp features broccoli and a 3.30 stamp features lettuce.

The seeds are embedded at the bottom tip of the stamp while the text “Plant Me” is featured above. The original idea was to have seeds on all stamps but due to international importation laws, a seedless version also was needed.

Officials revealed that these interesting stamps were created with lots of research, testing and retesting. Seed stamps can be used within New Zealand but you can’t send seed stamps overseas.

The stamps are produced in sheets of 10 and a souvenir sheet with the six designs se-tenant is also available. The seed and seedless versions of the souvenir sheet look the same as an image of the seed paper has been printed on the stamps.

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