Argentina Releases New 20-peso note Featuring a Guanaco

17 Oct 2017  Tue

On 4th October, Argentina released the third in its new series of banknotes celebrating native animals. The red-coloured 20-peso note is made of cotton-paper and features a guanaco and ornamental flowers on the vertical obverse. The animal is the parent species of the llama and a part of the Patagonian Steppe. The animal’s native habitat with a small guanaco is featured on the horizontal-format reverse. The reverse also depicts a map of Argentina with Antarctica and South Atlantic islands.

Security features include a watermark of a guanaco and the value 20, intaglio printing, a security thread, micro-lettering, iridescent printing, colour-shifting devices, digits of various sizes in one serial number, and special characteristics visible only under ultraviolet light.

The first note of this series was a 500-peso bill featuring or jaguar and was released in June 2016. The second one was a 200-peso note dedicated to the southern right whale and was released in October 2016. A 1,000-peso note will be released this year while 50- and 100-peso notes wil be released in 2018.