Crows: Messenger of the Gods

17 Jul 2017  Mon

Crows have a great mythology about them. They are the birds of spirit and are associated with the mysteries of life and death.

In Hinduism, they represent the spirits of the dead and are considered to be a messenger from the world of the Pitr (ancestors). The crowing by the crow is also considered as an omen or message believing that either a letter (news) will come from relatives not heard from for a long time, or that some unexpected guests/visitors will arrive.

According to Norse mythology, Hugin (thought) and Munin (memory) are two ravens that help spirits of the god Odin. They are believed to sit on Odin’s shoulders and whisper all the news into his ear.

Greeks too believe them to be messengers from the Gods to the mortal world and good omens.

In popular culture, the crows are much more in discussion with their importance the current TV series of ‘Game of Thrones’.

Did you know that these messengers of the gods and the death are also depicted on many stamps?

A 50 Baisa Stamp of Sultanate of Oman depicts a House Crow while a 20 Dollar Stamp of Republica Dominica depicts a Corvus palmarum on it. Further Cuba, Tanzania and Great Britain too have stamps depicting ravens or crows on it.