Krishna on Coins- Part IV

04 Apr 2017  Tue

The Nolambas were one of the significant political powers of South India. They also come into the list when we talk about Gold coins!

The Nolamba coins are indeed beautifully executed. They also issued few lead and silver coins. The symbols seen on their coins are mostly religious and a majority of them are attributed to Lord Shiva. More prominently we see the bull on their coins but we do have few coins which have Sri Krishna on them.

King Manu Siddhi III (1291- 1316 CE) one of the rulers of Nolamba dynasty depicted Krishna on his coins. The Gold Fanam which weighs 360 mg has on its obverse Lord Krishna standing facing front, playing flute. The reverse bears Tamil legend.

Now time to know few interesting things about Krishna. We have heard various stories about him. One them is the most popular is that he had 16,108 wives!

Well… But do you the reason behind it?

Sri Krishna rescued 16,100 women from the clutches of a demon Narakasura who had forcibly kept them in captivity in his palace. However, they all returned to Lord Krishna as none of their families were ready to accept them back and so he married them all to protect their honour.

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