Krishna on Coins- (Part I)

31 Mar 2017  Fri

Lord Krishna is believed to be the incarnation of Lord Vishnu. From his birth to when he turns young, his stories are mesmerizing, magical and inspiring. He is also known as Govinda, Mukunda, Madhusudhana, Vasudeva, etc.

Not just in our religious texts, but our beloved lord Krishna is depicted on various Indian coins also. Today we are starting a series of coinage which has Krishna on them!

Ananta Manikya was the ruler of the Tripura kingdom from 1564 to 1567 CE. Manikya was the title given to the kings of Tripura Kingdom. He issued many coins during his time. One of the best specimens of his coins is the one which has Krishna on it.

It is a silver Tanka which weighs around 10.72g. The obverse of the coin portrays Lord Krishna playing a flute, standing on a dais with female attendants on either of his sides holding flowers. This reminds us of Raas Leela, isn’t it? The reverse bears the name of the issuer in Bengali ‘Sri Sri Yu/ta Ana/nta Mani/Kya Dev’ within a square, the outer border is decorated with tiny floral design. Wouldn’t you want this coin in your collection?

Do you know that infant Krishna is commonly adorned as Makhan Chor or the Butter Thief?

We will be back soon with our next articles of the series with some fun fact like this. To know more stay connected to our website!

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