2017 Australian Platypus Platinum Bullion Coin

02 Feb 2017  Thu

The 2017 $100 Australian Platypus .9995 fine Platinum Bullion Coin was released by the Perth Mint on 1st February. Platypus is found in eastern Australia and is called the duck-billed platypus since it has a duck-like beak and webbed feet. It has a beaver-like tail and an otter-like shape. The carnivore is one of only two mammals that lays eggs.

The coin has been annually produced since 2011. Its reverse design has been the same and features a diving platypus underwater. Other inscriptions include AUSTRALIAN PLATYPUS, 2017, 1oz 9999 PLATINUM and the Perth Mint’s ‘P’ mint mark. The legal tender coin features the common portrait of Queen Elizabeth II with inscriptions ELIZABETH II, AUSTRALIA and 100 DOLLARS.

The mintage limit was set to 30,000 coins in 2011 and 2012 but since then, the bar has been raised to unlimited. The 31.12 grams, 2.70 millimetres thick coin features a high-quality reverse proof finish. The pricing is $100 over the spot price of the metal and discounts are being offered on bulk orders.

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