Phad Painting: The storytelling Art of Rajasthan

28 Dec 2016  Wed

Art is something which everybody admires! Today we will be talking about the Phad Painting.

There is a rich tradition of storytelling in our country. Stories of heroes and their heroic deeds are sung, danced on or dramatised in various traditional ways. Pad or Phad painting is one such medium from Rajasthan. It is a large painted scroll depicting the stories of legendary heroes like Dev Narayan and Pabuji.

The Interesting feature is that the figures in the paintings do not face the audience; rather, they face each other. These paintings are very wide to accommodate the numerous episodes of the complex stories.

The India Post issued a special postage stamp depicts a part of the Dev Narayan Ki Phad, which was painted by Shri Shrilal Joshi, one of the most versatile and renowned traditional Phad painters. This tiny piece of art was issued in 1992 having the face value of 5 INR.

Last time we wrote about the Miniature painting .

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