Maritime journey from Ancient to Modern

12 Nov 2016  Sat

Hey! We are back with Maritime history but some other twist. We know how Maritime Heritage evolved since Indus civilization and after that, it never looked back!

There was a Dynasty known as ‘Satavahana’ who was also very keen on improving the Indian Navy skills.

In order to celebrate our rich Maritime heritage, the India Post issued a commemorative set of two stamps of 3 INR in 1999.

It depicts a rectangular Indus seal which has a flat boat on it, below is 2200 BC and on the right side of the stamp, there is a Satavahana ship coin. Under the coin, there is “Sham no Varuna” which is the Indian Navy motto meaning “may the lord of the oceans be auspicious onto us”.

Find out the significance of Lord Varuna in Indian Mythology.

We can also see ‘India (Bharat) and Maritime Heritage (samudrika dharohar)’ in both Hindi and English.

Coming directly to 17th century another Naval power rose under Kanhoji Angre. Various warships and war boats were built.

The stamp depicts the Gurabs (warship). They were as big as 400 tons below the ship 1700 AD is written.

The other features of the stamp are similar to above one.

So these pair of stamp takes us to a journey of our Maritime Heritage from Indus to Satavahana to Maratha.

To view this stamp in more detail click here.

Hope you liked this maritime piece of a stamp. Be proud of India and stay humble!

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