Patna Medical College

07 Feb 2023  Tue

Patna Medical College is one of the India's oldest medical and surgical training institutions. The 'Patna School of Medicine,' was opened on June 23, 1874, to provide medical training to junior surgeons in Bihar, eastern Uttar Pradesh, and other neighboring states. In August 1874, the medical school was renamed Temple School of Medicine after the Lt. Governor of Bengal at the time, Sir Richard Temple. The Temple School of Medicine was a government medical school, but philanthropists and social workers of the period also generously contributed to its smooth function. An example of cooperation and coordination between the Government and the public for the advancement of medical education.

A commemorative stamp was issued on 26 February 2000. On the 75th Anniversary of Patna medical college to mark wonderful work in the field of medical science.

Denomination: 300 paisa

Image courtesy: mintage world

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