Indian Custom Act 1962

02 Feb 2023  Thu

In addition to collecting Custom duty, the Customs administration supports worldwide trade and maintains compliance. Indian Customs has undertaken several steps to secure the global supply chain and improve trade facilitation.

The Customs Act's 50th anniversary was commemorated by issuing a postage stamp on the Central Board of Excise and Customs in 26 July 2012. The proclamation of act was announced on January 23, 1963, and it became effective on February 1, 1963.

Indian Customs takes the lead in projecting the aspirations of the entire Asia Pacific Customs fraternity. Customs Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) System which is functioning in 108 locations ensures transparency, accountability and expeditious clearance of international goods.

Denomination: 5 Rupees.

Text: 50 year of custom act 1962

Image courtesy: Mintage world

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