5 Gourdes (10th Anniversary of Revolution)

03 Dec 2022  Sat

The Haitian gourde is the national currency of the Republic of Haiti. The Haitian gourde first circulated as a currency specific to Haiti in 1813. The Haitian gourde is a floating currency now, but it formerly pegged to the French franc and U.S. dollar (USD).

The period is Third Republic (1986-date). The Obverse depicts Columbus ships with a map motif. Reverse Coat of Arms. The script inscribes in Latin on the coin. The translated text is the Republic of Haiti. Type is a Non-circulating coin. The years are 1967-1970. Value is 5 Gourdes (5 HTG). Currency is Third gourde (1872-date). It is reeded and milled. The composition is Silver (.999). Weight is 23.52g. Diameter are 30.0 mm. Thickness is 2 mm. Round shape coin.

Image courtesy: colnect.com

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