5000 Slovak Koruna banknote commemorating Milan Rastislav Stefanik

02 Dec 2022  Fri

Milan Rastislav Štefánik was a Slovak astronomer, diplomat, politician, general, one of the organizers of the Czechoslovak legions, and one of the founding fathers of Czechoslovakia. In today’s Slovakia, he is seen as a national hero.

The National Bank of Slovakia issued Slovak Koruna banknotes in 8 different denominations, including this 5000 Slovak Koruna banknote. They are part of the Slovak Koruna banknotes series. The National Bank of Slovakia started issuing these 5000 Slovak Koruna banknotes in 2002. They were withdrawn from circulation in 2009.

This pattisic slovenskych korun note shows the image of Milan Rastislav Stefanik, Slovak politician. On the paper banknote a caption reads ‘Narodna Banka Slovenska'.

Image Courtesy: colnect.com

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