10000 Japanese Yen banknote commemorating Prince Shotoku

02 Dec 2022  Fri

Prince Shotoku ruled as regent of Japan from 594 to 622 CE and is one of the most celebrated figures in all of Japanese history. The prince was a great supporter of Chinese culture and Buddhism, spreading both during his reign by encouraging closer ties with China, introducing principles of the Chinese government, creating a constitution, and building many temples across Japan.

The Bank of Japan issued Japanese Yen banknotes in 11 different denominations, including this 10000 Japanese Yen banknote commemorating Prince Shotoku. They are part of the withdrawn Japanese Yen banknotes series. The Bank of Japan started issuing these 10000 Japanese Yen banknotes in 1950. They were withdrawn from circulation in 1984.

The note of ten thousand yen has the image of Prince Shotoku, Japanese regent. On the paper banknote a caption reads ‘Nippon Gingko’. The two birds on the backside of the old ¥10,000 note are phoenixes.

Image Courtesy: colnect.com

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