1 Pice of Anna Series

01 Dec 2022  Thu

India is one of the earliest issuers of a coin. Indian struggle for independence is known throughout history. The new rupee symbol was officially adopted on 15 July 2011. However, not many have an idea of the impact of independence on Indian coinage. Anna was a currency unit formerly used in British India. The rising economy brought changes in coins like one pice, one paisa and one Naya paisa that made value in many nations.

One Pice Issued in 1951. The government of India is inscribed. In Description of Obverse Ashoka Lion Capital and Reverse galloping horse. The denomination is 1 Pice. Metal is Bronze. It is a circular Shape. Thickness has 1.2mm. The size is 21 mm. Weight is 2.95 gm. The minting Technique is Die Struck. The Coin is Smooth and milled.

Image courtesy: https://www.mintageworld.com/coin/detail/16064/

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