100 Danish Kroner banknote

01 Dec 2022  Thu

The Danmarks Nationalbank issued this 100 Danish Kroner Banknote in 2010, which features the Little Belt railway bridge on the front and Hindsgavl Dagger on the back side of the note. These notes were part of the Danish Kroner banknotes series and are still in circulation.

This Orange coloured 100-kroner note measures 135mm by 72mm. The new 100 Danish Kroner Banknote was introduced in 2009 and signed by two governors, Jens Thomsen & Lars Gerrild Sorensen.

The Little Belt railway bridge is also known as the Old Little Belt Bridge. The bridge connects three main parts of Denmark by road and rail, complete with the Great Belt Bridge in June 1998. The Hindsgavl Dagger is one of the finest examples of a so-called fishtail flint dagger from the end of the Nordic Stone Age.

Image Courtesy: colnect.com

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