Commemoration stamp of Gurajada Venkata Apparao (1861-1915)

30 Nov 2022  Wed

Gurajada Venkata Apparao was an Indian playwright, dramatist, poet, and writer known for his works in Telugu theatre. In 1887, Gurajada spoke at a Congress Party meeting in Vizianagaram. Apparao wrote several English poems. His Sarangadhara was published in "Indian Leisure Hour" and was well received. Gurajada appointed in the post of Epigraphist to the Maharaja of Vizianagaram. The editor of the Calcutta-based "Rees and Ryot", Sambhu Chandra Mukherjee published his magazine.

In Commemorative Stamp depicted a portrait of Gurajada Venkata Apparao. Multicolour stamp. Description is Gurajada Venkata Apparao (Telugu writer).Hindi text to inscribe a Stamp. Face value is 5? - Indian rupee. Perforation is comb13¼. It used offset lithography Printing.

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