Commemorative Stamp of Madan Mohan Temple, Bishnupur

28 Nov 2022  Mon

Bishnupur, also known as the land of lord Vishnu, is located in the district of Bankura in West Bengal, well-known for its Terracotta style of architecture.

The Madan Mohan Temple, built by king Durjan Singha Dev of the Malla dynasty around 1695, is one of the best examples of the terracotta style of architecture dedicated to Lord Krishna.

The temple stands on 12.2 metres of square base and measures to the height of 10.7 metres. It was built typically in Chala style and ekratna (single dome).

The original temple faced destruction in 1820 because of an earthquake in the state. The deity was installed in a village and rebuilt later.

This commemorative stamp on Madan Mohan Temple was issued on the 8th of August 2020 with a face value of Rs 5.

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