Bottle of sandalwood perfume

24 Nov 2022  Thu

Sandalwood is a kind of wood from a tree. The scientific name is the genus santalum. The most expensive wood in the world is sandalwood. Sandalwood is used for making sweet, powerful, and lasting odours and has made sandalwood oil useful in the perfume industry, soaps, candles, incense, folk medicine, and religious and cultural purposes for centuries. Its aromatherapy, a fragrance from sandalwood used to promote calmness, can decrease stress levels, anxiety, and nervousness. Sandalwood extracted from the wood for use.

In commemorative Philately was issued on 1 august 2019. Sandalwood perfume is creamy, earthy, rich and exotic. It works amazingly and blends earthly scents with the extract. Stamps of sandalwood perfume originated in India. The image in the stamp depicted the perfume bottle and Bharat in Hindi script. The theme is perfumed. Size is 29 x 39 mm. The stamp is multicolour. The face value given is 25 ? - Indian rupee.

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