Commemorative Stamp of 100,000th Indian Post Office

24 Nov 2022  Thu

The postal system came into existence. The progress has been phenomenal; the number of offices has been nearly five-fold. The story of tens of thousands of postal workers may take written messages to the farthest corners of the country. Offices serve rural areas. Post-service opened up for commerce and communication by roads, radio, newspapers and all post offices.

In commemorative Stamp was issued on 1 July 1968. The country's origin is India. The design is vertical and depicts a Letter Box as a symbol of the Post Office. The words in Hindi "EHR? 946 appear at the top, and the words in Hindi and figures "Ek Lakh Dakghar" 100000 Post Offices appear along the Letter Box. The design of the First-Day Cover is an issue with the design sent by Prof. V.K. Sawai, Professor Sir J.J. Institute of Applied Art, Bombay. There is a post office and post service. A multicolour stamp. Face value is 20 p - Indian paisa. Printing is photogravure.

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