Philately on National cashew day

23 Nov 2022  Wed

National Cashew Day was known to encourage us to enjoy the deliciously crunchy, flavorful nut. National Cashew Day encourages you to go out and enjoy this delicious seed in any of its myriad forms. The world’s biggest cashew tree can be found in Natal, Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil, and over 81,000 sq. ft. They baked for handy snacks and cookies. The research shows that amazing seeds may, can be an effective antidepressant, a kind like a medicine that can give relief; where one can consume two handfuls of them a day.

In definitive stamp was issued on 25 March 1981, and the country is India. Themes are fruit, nuts, plant (flora) and trees. Size is 23 x 41 mm. stamp is multicolor. The face value is 2.25 ? - Indian rupee. Printing is Photogravure

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