Why to Opt for Lighthouse Accessories?

04 Oct 2022  Tue

Lighthouse accessories began in 1917 by lithograph Paul Koch in Aschersleben, in the state of Saxony-Anhalt, Germany. Since its origin, it has developed into one of the leading companies in the world for collective systems of philatelic and numismatic accessories.

For better protection of your collectibles, go for ‘Lighthouse Plastic Stock Pages GRANDE’. These welded strips completely cover the inserted collection items, thereby offering optimum protection. The sheets are in transparent. The pack contains 5 sheets. Each sheet has 12 pockets which can hold coins of 73 x 71 mm.

Coin collecting is one of the opulent hobbies. The most common categories of collectors are usually divided into hobbyist, investor and researcher. Coin collection is further divided into a different genre such as country-wise, yearly, mint, different composition, subject wise, period wise, volume collection, aesthetic wise, etc. Hence, if you are one of such kind or beginner then preserving it in one of the best accessories is your prime task.

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