Palace of Darius I Commemorative StampPalace of Darius I Commemorative Stamp

03 Oct 2022  Mon

Darius I, also known as Darius the Great, was the third Persian King of the Achaemenid Empire. He ruled for almost 36 years, between 522 and 486 BCE. During his reign, the Persian Empire reached its highest peak.

Darius I, was an excellent leader and brilliant administrator who strengthened Persia by letting those he conquered live on in peace. He conquered new lands and overhauled Persia's infrastructure and economy, ushering in a golden age. He practiced religious tolerance, did not allow slavery.

Darius I was an architect of great civilization; he builder great palaces and constructing the impressive Royal Road. He revolutionized the economy, unified currency and measurement across the empire, and overhauled the legal system.

Iran issued this commemorative stamp that depicts his palace in 1915 CE.

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