Why do Lighthouse Accessories come under Premium Class?

01 Oct 2022  Sat

Every coin collectors desire to keep their coins collected properly. In order to enjoy the accomplishment of assembling your coins collection, you need to use one of the elite accessories of Leuchtturm in German (Lighthouse in English). It includes coin holders, folders, albums, magnifying glasses, proper lighting, books, gloves, and a clean cloth to work on.

Lighthouse Ring-binder is available in imitation leather with a protective case. It has a solid mechanism with 4 straight rings. The album is without sheets. It is available in amazing blue color. It can hold sheets up to 80. The dimension of the album is 260 x 282 x 83 mm.

Mintage World is the only official distributor of lighthouses in India. Here, we suggest you go for the option Lighthouse Ringbinder OPTIMA.

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