Showcase Your Coin Collection in Lighthouse Quadrum

28 Sep 2022  Wed

Lighthouse Coin Box QUADRUM is stackable transparent medallion with drawer in smoke dyed. It can be slide easily. It is best accessory for showcasing the coins or medals. The colour of the product is black. It can hold 20 coins. The dimension of the product is 236 x 303 x 20 mm.

Coin collecting is a hobby where you require a lot of patience. Sometimes, you might have to wait for months and years to find a coin that you have always desired. You wouldn’t want to lose any of your precious coins. Expert numismatists will always advise that investing in the right kind of lighthouse coin collecting supplies is extremely important. It will not only help you in organizing your collection but also ensure that your coins are not exposed to moisture or dust.

Lighthouse Coin Box Quadrum is elegantly styled to showcase your best collection.

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