Funfair of Brazil

27 Sep 2022  Tue

The Carnival of Brazil is celebrated annually. It is celebrated before Easter. Rio's carnival is the largest in the world. Customs, rhymes, costumes and participation differ from region to region. The south-eastern cities such as Rio, Sao Paulo and Vitoria organised parades based on Samba schools. The north-eastern cities such as Recife, Olinda, Salvador and Porto Seguro organized groups parading through streets, and the public interacts directly with them.

The similarity can be seen between African and Brazilian cultures. It is a six-day party where people follow carnival through the city streets, dancing and singing.

It is the most popular vacation in Brazil and has attracted a large number of tourists across the world. As per 2011 records, Rio de Janeiro's carnival alone drew 4.9 million people with 400,000 foreigners. It begins on Friday before Ash Wednesday (51 days before Easter) and ends on Ash Wednesday midday (46 days before Easter).

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